Zocdoc on the Today Show: Technology Helping Your Health

Al Roker: This morning on Today’s Health, technology to aid your health. Thanks to the Internet and smartphones, clinical guidance goes to our fingertips, but just how do you recognize what to trust? Well Today factor, Dr. Roshini Raj, Medical Editor of Health Magazine, is right here with a few of the very best complimentary internet sites and also apps around …

Now attempting to get your doctor on the phone to make an appointment, or the assistant, can drive you nuts.

Dr. Raj: That workplace team can be extremely intimidating, to say the least, and also a lot of times you simply can not obtain an appointment for several weeks. Well ZocDoc is a cost-free app, readily available in many cities around the U.S., where you can go put in your zipcode, your health insurance coverage and the kind of doctor you desire to see.