woodlev Magnetic Maglev Levitation Levitron Floating Rotating 8-LED Mirror Platform Holder Stand Display up to 350g Upgarded System (8-LED Platform)

New Release!!! Operating video: https://youtu.be/1CrP3ZHnQ-8. 2018 upgarded levitation system. The Levitron Revolution features Float technology to make levitating your favorite collectibles Up to 350g(13ounces)

8 LEDs spotlights your item beautifully also shine at the night, Check the fourth picture

Perfect Gift for shop supermarket or Homedecor. This is an awesome high tech gadget that will catch people of all ages. Inconceivable platform to display what you want

keep the platform away from the metal. Or the levitation may not success and you will hear the noise from the platform

The platform mirror is really clear as you see in the fifth picture / Contact woodlev. To get the operating video or recommend

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