Why We Don’t Use Fitness Gadgets

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SEE NEXT: The Getting Lean Protocol: ► ► ► https://amzn.to/2zJqChW Today’s video was created for the Zen Dude Fitness area. Our goal with this channel is to provide you the info our team believe will certainly assist you reach your physical fitness goals and also most significantly live an incredible life.

That lie is that if you make use of physical fitness gizmos you will better be able to reach your health and fitness goals. We think that unless you are a competitive professional athlete this is full B.S.

Most of us just want to desire leanObtain stay lean and feel as well asReally feel In no means do any health and fitness gizmos that exist right currently – assist you do those 2 points.

We make certain that arising modern technologies will certainly falsify the previous declaration, but checking out what exists popular market right now … the declaration holds true. Many devices look charming, but in truth are simply adding synthetic intricacy and making this fitness thing harder than it needs to be.

Devices we do utilize to achieve our physical fitness objectives …

1. Interval timer app for HIIT exercises
2. Myfitnesspal for tracking food consumed

We wish this video clip was valuable for you. We desire you the very best!

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