Wearable Ultrasound Patch monitors blood pressure deep inside body

A brand-new wearable ultrasound spot that non-invasively monitors blood pressure in arteries deep underneath the skin can aid people spot cardio troubles earlier on and with greater accuracy. In examinations, the spot carried out along with some scientific methods to measure blood stress.

Applications consist of real-time, continuous surveillance of high blood pressure modifications in patients with heart or lung illness, in addition to individuals who are critically ill or going through surgery. The spot makes use of ultrasound, so it could possibly be used to non-invasively track other important signs and physical signals from areas deep inside the body.
A group of scientists led by the University of California San Diego describe their work in a paper published in Nature Biomedical Engineering
Photos politeness of Chonghe Wang/Nature Biomedical Engineering.
News Source: http://jacobsschool.ucsd.edu/news/news_releases/release.sfe?id=2627
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