watermedown “God I Found Hell”

watermedown’s forthcoming EP, Somewhere Sleepless, appears Sept. 25th on Equal Vision Records. Pre-order today at http://watermedown.merchnow.com or on iTunes/Google Play/Amazon.

God! I found hell in an university community;
a minimum of it felt like hell to me,
so when I pass away a minimum of I understand I’ll be
someplace sleepless in the university.
” Sleepless in Cincinnati”.
is what they ‘d call me,.
yet nobody’s contacting us to bail me out.
It’s clear that you don’t want me around,.
however at the very least I’ll understand that I won’t be alone.
Yeah, finally I’ll recognize I’ve lastly found.
an area and a residence to be,.
I’ll walk right, keep my head up,.
phony a smile, talk to myself,.
and never ever wake up from this headache.
that most would call a desire.
I’ll do my time, what’s anticipated,.
and also see to it I’m not a disappointment.
I’ll play into this system.
if it makes you delighted,.
yet you would certainly fall down if you knew.
what I’m doing as well as where I’ve been,.
in the kingdom of all male’s “transgression.”.
Heck, I located “god” fleeing the scene.
I believe he doesn’t desire to be.
the one to bear the trouble to me,.
so I’ll simply resume my day-to-day regimen.
Yeah, that’s what I’ll do.
Yeah, that’s where I’ll be.

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