VLOG: Dunks w/@billydunkademics & @nellynelchan + Chest Workout w/@thenealbarrina 11/27/2018


I satisfied up with the one and just Billy Donovan aka WhiteFlightBD aka Mr. Dunkademics himself to have a lil dunk session while I was in the location. I hit him up concerning a week prior and told him I was gon na be in the area for a couple days as well as we set up a day we can fulfill up, hang out, and also dunk. I likewise struck up MR. HOOP AND LIFE himself aka Nelson Chan because we’ve been implying to fulfill up as well as dunk.

Later on my legs didn’t wish to function yet my bro stated let’s go to the gym and I couldn’t claim no so we hit upper body. After that ramen.

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Right here’s the link to the song I used: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=daWvummA8ZQ