ULTIMATE 681S ELECTRONIC No Bark Dog Collar (Small Dogs 8lbs to 80lbs) Bark Training Solution. Best Anti Bark Collar (NEW SMART CHIP TECHNOLOGY 2018) 100% Lifetime Product Warranty

* 2018 ULTIMATE 681S Exceptional Quality Design Anti No Bark (ELECTRONIC) Dog Collar – Your Purchase Today (1 Collar – 2 Faceplates Gold / Silver)

* NO Bark Dog Collar For Small Dogs 8lbs up to 80 lbs

* The Built-in Microprocessor Sensor has 7 levels of sensitivity! The “+” /”-” buttons are used to adjust the sensitivity to the bark according to the size of your dog. “It is possible that environmental background noises may trigger the collar”!!

* 30 Day Now Questions Money Back / Lifetime Replacement Warranty

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