Tuscom Round Foldable Silicone Colander Strainer ,for Kitchen Gadget Bathroom Fruit Vegetable Washing Basket Tool (4 Colors) (hot Pink, L)

💘 HIGH QUALITY: as it would not bend or distort with time, and can hold the weight of a hand soap, small dish soap, a couple of sponges, regular size dish soap bottle

💘ORGANIZED: stay clean and neatly tucked in the caddy. It is big enough to place a hand soap, small dish soap container and a couple of sponges.

💘 LARGE SPACE:There’s plenty of room to put in a regular size bottle of dish soap and two sponges plus still have room to put something else

💘MORE SANITARY – Open and hollow bottom design allows water to drain fast, the sink rack will keep your utensils away from dirty water in the pool and prevent bacterial from growing.

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