Truck Driver Workout/ Vlog 🏃🏾‍♂️

What’s great my YouTube fam along with my fellow vehicle driving siblings and also siblings out there on that particular roadway, so I’m regarding to start exercising on this road and see if I can in some way think of a timetable to truck drive and also remain in form at the same time ♂ I have a dive rope as well as a 15 lb pot sphere in my vehicle, but the most effective and also all-natural method to exercise is running
To all my other vehicle drivers, I know we are restricted to the foods we can consume at truckstops, so try your hardest to squeeze some type of physical fitness you your regimen to remain healthy and keep blood moving with those legs after sitting for 8+ hours directly!. Stay tuned to my new trucking vlogs soon and also don’t neglect to like, comment & subscribe thanks for all the kind words YouTube fam!