Top 15 Kitchen Gadgets Put To The Test #2

Leading 15 Kitchen Gadgets Put To The Test # 2.
This Useful Kitchen Tool Can Dice Any Fruits or Vegetables Into Small Equal Squares. It Will Take Only Seconds to Cut A Whole Apple.
Ice Shaver.
This Kitchen Tool Is An Ice Shaver.You Can Put Ice Pops Into It as well as by Rotating the Handle You Can Get Shaved Ice Ready to Eat.
Cheese Slicer -This Is a Special Kitchen Knife for Cutting Cheese. It Has Two Functions First One Is the Perfect Slicer and the Second One Is a Grater.

Spiral Slicer-This Kitchen Tool Is Perfect for Those Who Like to Decorate Their Meals With Vegetables.This Slicer Has Three Blades the First One Cuts Into a Ribbon Shape the Second One Into a Coil Shape and also the Third One Into the Shape of Noodles.

Dish With Strainer -Here Is a Multi-functional bowl That Can Serve as a Mixing Bowl for Pancake Dough.It Also Has a Pancake Shape to Put on a Pan and also Make Perfectly Circle Pancakes The Bowl Also Has a Built-in Strainer For Washing Vegetables and also aesthetics.
Sharp Knife- if You Are Looking for a Sharp Knife Then This One Is for You Can Cut Anything With This Knife Without Damaging the Beautiful Look of.
The Food. Be It Bread Fruits or Vegetables.
Shrimp And Prawn Peeler-Eating a Crab Leg Has Never Been This Easy. Lots Of People Struggle to Cut Open Crab Legs however With These Scissors Your Job Is Made Easier.It.
Effortlessly Cuts Open Crab Legs and also Lobster Tails.

Egg Cutter/Slicer -Here Is the Perfect Egg Cutter It Has Three Blades for Cutting an Egg With Various Slices. One Blade Cuts the Egg Into Six Big Slices the Other One Cuts.
Into Equal Thin Slices as well as the Last One Cuts Into Small Squares. You Can Cut Three Eggs Simultaneously. It Will Take Only Seconds to Cut the entire Egg.

Watermelon Slicer – This Knife Is Perfectly Designed for Cutting Melon and Watermelon. You Can Cut a Perfect Slice and also Carefully Take It With The Same Knife and also Put It on a Table.

Meat Grinder – Here Is a Perfectly Modern Designed Meat Grinder. You Can Take All the Parts Apart To Clean It and after that Add Back the Parts To Use It Again. It Takes Very Short Time To Collect All the Parts Together as well as That’s It You Can Start Grinding Your Meat.

Gelato Maker – We Introduce You to a Fruit Grinder Kitchen Tool This Can Turn Any Fruit Into a Fresh Yogurt. All You Need Is Your Favorite Fruits as well as a Few Moves of Your.
Grater for Cheese – Here Is a Perfect Grater for Cheese. It Has a Design of a Meat Grinder and Grates Cheese Within Seconds.

Lemon Squeezer – This Small Kitchen Tool Can Be Useful for Anyone. You Can Take the Lemon With It and also Squeeze the Lemon Without Spraying the Juice on Your Hand or Your Surroundings.
This Tool Makes the Cooking of a Potato Easier by Stabbing the Potato With Its Spikes.
Juicer – if You Are a Lover of a Fresh Homemade Juice Then This Machine Is Right for You. It Can Easily Be Assembled and Taken in.
To Parts for Washing. You Can Start Grinding Any Fruit the Machine Will Collect the Juice Into a Separate Cup And Take Out the Extra Parts of the Fruit.

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