TM-Store1987 Cooling Towel in Bulk Set (3 Pack) for Neck – Athletes Women Men Instant Cooling Relief,Cool Towel for Sports,Workout,Fitness,Camping,Gym,Yoga,Pilates,Travel

✔ SIMPLE TO USE – It’s easy: soak, wring out, give it a quick “snap” with a flick of the wrist, and enjoy! When it’s about staying cool and beating the heat, nothing beats our fantastic Mesh Cooling Towel. Better still, it comes with it’s very own carry pouch for easy transport

✔ HOW IT WORKS? – The super absorbent fiber weave technology of the mesh towel regulates the water inside and ensures water retention, so it’s treating it kind of like an air-conditioner, and within seconds you get cold. Like sweat on you skin, when water evaporates it cools. Any ole cotton or microfiber towel would work, but not as well design to maximize evaporative cooling or comfort. If you are sweating a lot, rinse the ‘salty water’ out from time to time.

✔ PERFECT VERSATILE TOWEL – Perfect versatile towel for fast cooling down in different occasions: for outdoor sports, indoor exercise, outwork, physical cooling for fever, heatstroke prevention, kitchen staff cooling and any situation that you need to cool down.

✔ ULTRA LIGHT AND COMFORTABLE FEEL – The Light, Bamboo Microfiber gives this Cooling Towel a Cotton Like and very Light Feel unlike some polyester jersey like or traditional terry towels. Use as a Regular Gym Towel, or to Activate Cooling Effect, simply wet, ring or snap out and place on body.

✔ KEEP COOLING – The cooling towel will make you feel cool and comfortable throughout the day and get away from the trouble of high temperature.The safest and easiest way to get an instant cooling

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