TLDR: Chromecast, Google Play Games, New Nexus 7 & Chris’ Non-Geek Brother!

Ben’s network:

– Google reveals thinner, lighter Nexus 7 with higher-res screen, shows up July 30th for $230.
– Android 4.3 revealed, turning out to Nexus gadgets today.
– Google presents Chromecast, a $35 HDMI streaming remedy for tvs.
– Google Play Games app.

– What audiobook should I begin paying attention to now?

– Ágúst Rúnarsson: Is he as a lot of a tech geek as you?
– Marcellinus January: Are you Mac or COMPUTER?
– Arjun Subramanya: What does he feel about his older brothers career.
– Tom Sharples: does he like bacon.
– Rhonda Meow Readman: What is his much-loved gizmo? What phone does he lug about?
– Kade William Beadman: Whats his hobby?
– Stephen McGann: What was his favored gaming system expanding up … if any kind of? As well as if so, just what was his favorite computer game?
– Dale McCourt: What does he believe of the physical fitness devices that’s are readily available?
– Nick Cote: I saw he had some tattoo’s exactly what are they of and whats there implying?
– What’s it like to be my sibling?