ThinkGeek Phantom Keystroker V2 – Time Delay Dial, Caps Lock, Keyboard, and Mouse Switches – High-Tech Office-Based Prank Device

HIGH-TECH OFFICE-BASED PRANK DEVICE – The Phantom Keystroker V2 looks like a harmless flash drive, but it will drive your friends and coworkers mad as you make random mouse movements and type out random texts and phrases.

SWITCHES AND DIAL – It has three different switches on the side. Choose between Caps Lock toggle, Keyboard typing (produce phrases such as “I see what you are doing”, and Pi to a bunch of digits), Mouse movements, or all three. It also has an adjustment dial to set the duration between pranks.

MATTE BLACK – Comes in a sleek matte black color. It has the following dimensions: 2 1/2″ long x 3/4″ wide x 1/4″ thick.

USB PORT – Can only be attached to a computer with a USB port. It will also work on any OS.

A THINKGEEK CREATION – The Phantom Keystroker V2 is a ThinkGeek creation and exclusive.

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