The Total Body Gym Gadget: Frog Fit Strength Training

I have to admit when I first saw the frog fit device I was a bit skeptical as I tend to be a bit leery of any new fitness gadgets. However, I was pleasantly surprised with the Frog Fit (check out chipfrogfit for more) as it’s quite versatile and can be used to target literally every muscle in your body. While it’s not something I would use to replace traditional movements, it is a cool piece to incorporate as a unique core movement, full body finisher, or accessary exercise.

Here I have bodybuilder Ben Lai performing a biomechanical drop set as he focuses the first half of the set on upper body and core with a vertical pressing motion (think of this as combination plank and overhead press) then moves to a more full body movement. There are literally hundreds of exercises than can be performed on this device as it’s incredibly versatile and can also be adjusted with various tensions and intensities to match any fitness level. Fortunately it also comes with a detailed book and exercise library of all possible movements you can perform with it. Just be cautious not to overextend in the stretched position as this could place excessive tension on the low back.

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