Technology 2019 | EBolt Luggage – The World’s First Self-Charging Carry-on

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EBolt Luggage – The World’s First Self-Charging Carry-on

The New Power-Generating Smart Luggage.
Kinetic Wheel Technology, Removable Battery, Innovative Design, Tripod Wheel, Security Lock

Thanks to EBolt, we have actually effectively tapped into readily available cost-free energy! The built-in advanced ‘KineTech Wheels’ give the Removable Battery Pack a consistent recharge as they spin, actively billing your phone while the luggage rolls alongside you. Take your travel luggage, power your battery, reenergize your phone. It’s that very easy!

The Removable & Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery Pack is compliant with all Airline and also TSA Regulations. The personalized 5000 mAh power bank straight obtains its fee with every rotation of the travel luggage wheels, yet what happens if you will not be strolling for very long? Do not stress, we’ve obtained you covered! The luggage battery pack may additionally be charged using a standard outlet.

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