Swiftpro Boxing Reflex Ball – MMA Punching Ball w/Headband & Elastic String – Reaction Punch Ball For Adults/Kids – Fitness Training Equipment To Improve Your Reflexes, Speed, Hand-Eye Coordination

ENHANCE YOUR REFLEX SKILLS: You don’t have to pay for an extensive gym membership in order to practiceboxing. Get this premium boxing reflex set and you’ll be able to train at home! The reflex boxing set consists of a headband and a lightweight foam ball with an elastic string. The boxing punching ball will help you improve your punching technique, enhance your reflex skills, improve your speed and develop your hand-eye coordination.

A FUN WAY TO TONE YOUR ARMS: The reflex boxing ball is a great way to burn some calories and to strengthen and define the muscles of your arms and upper back. The MMA reflex ball allows you to practice an intense workout and even though you won’t move around, you will undoubtedly get sweaty and puffed out!The reflex punching ball is a very fun workout that it is suitable for both adults and kids!

COMFORTABLE, ADJUSTABLE DESIGN: The punching boxing ball set comes in one size, however, the head band and the elastic string are adjustable! In this way, you can wear the headband and adjust its tightness until you find the sturdy stand most comfortable fit. At the same time, you can adjust the length of the elasticstring, in order to make your reflex boxing training more effective, and prevent possible injuries.

PROTECTIVE WRIST WRAP INCLUDED: This boxing ball headband set is complete, so you won’t have to purchase anything else for your training! Along with the boxing ball hat,you will also receive a wrist wrap. In this way, if you don’t have boxing gloves or you simply don’t want to wear your bulky boxing gloves, you can wear this practical wrap to protect your knuckles from scratches or scrapes, and absorb the shock of the impact.

EASY & EFFORTLESS ASSEMBLY: The headband and the punching ball of the punching reflex ball set are very easy to assemble! All you have to do is tie the string to the headband clip using a double knot. Make sure the elastic string is at arm’s length, or the length that feels the most comfortable for you.That was easy, wasn’t it? Once you do that, you can wear the headband and the wrist wraps and start punching the boxing punch ball!

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