Survival Paracord Bracelet Hiking Gift | Best Emergency Men EDC 5 in 1 Tactical Tool Kit for Camping, Hunting, Fishing, Outdoor Wilderness Adventure Gear | Fire Starter, Compass, Whistle, Scraper

✔️ KNIFE SCRAPER WITH FLINT – used to cut rope for fishing, setting traps or building a shelter. Also used to scrape against the flint in order to product a spark to start a fire in an emergency situation. Gather kindling or tinder and pile it up. Unclasp the buckle to reveal the flint and the knife’s sharp edge. Place the flint on tinder pointing downward. Hold the knife with your other hand. With applied pressure, scrape it quickly in a downward motion towards the tinder to produce a spark.

✔️ FULLY FUNCTIONAL WORKING COMPASS – used to establish direction if lost in a thick brushed forest. Compass points to True North. It is another compact and lightweight tool that you will be carrying with you and not even notice it’s there until you actually need it. Because it is so small in size, the manufacture of this addition still allows all of the other functions of emergency survival paracord bracelet to work in full operation. This adds to yet another survival item in your arsenal.

✔️ LOUD HIGH PITCHED WHISTLE – used in an emergency situation to call for help if lost in the woods. Yelling for help will exhaust you a lot faster than blowing a small breath into a whistle. Besides exhaustion, yelling dehydrates the body and raises stress levels – both are very important factors to consider in a survival situation. Another aspect to think about is the fact that the high-pitched frequency of this survival safety whistle will carry for much longer distances than yelling.

✔️ OUTER 550 PARACORD – 550 paracord is great for all kinds of uses. It is considered type-III paracord and it is a nylon kernmantle rope. Simply cut the end knot and unwind the line from the bracelet buckles themselves. From there it has an extremely high tensile strength – 550 lb test to be exact. We use 550 paracord simply because there are several emergency survival uses for it such as creating snares, tying a shelter together or use it to tie fire wood together for ease of gathering it.

✔️ INNER PARACORD STRING – The inner paracord can be used to snare small animals. Another great use is during a survival situation, you could unwind the outer paracord, then pull the inner strings out to form a fishing line. In 550 paracord there are 7 smaller strands of strings located within the outer rope itself. Again, there are several uses in a survival situation: Emergency dental floss, sewing thread, emergency suture material to name a few. The uses are only limited to your imagination.

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