“Strong Like a Tree” [Episode 06] – Fitness Series | Holt Hamilton Films

Native American fitness expert Freida Barton and award winning filmmaker Holt Hamilton join forces to create a unique and powerful fitness series designed to encourage Native country to a stronger, more healthy way of life. ‘FIT with FREIDA’ is a fun, engaging series that motivates and inspires you to get fit wherever you are in your fitness journey!

With over 27 years of fitness leadership, development and expertise, Freida knows what it takes to ‘build, burn and beautify’ the Native human body. Freida has been ‘training the trainers’ for years and is now available to train with you personally in your own home! Join her in over 8 hours of workouts designed with you in mind!

How many times have you wanted to get fit, strong, in better shape, but have not had the resources you thought you needed to make it happen? No gym nearby? No gas money? No fancy weight set or the newest fitness gadgets? Well, with ‘FIT with FREIDA’, you can grab some commodity cans from your cupboards, your favorite frying pan from your stove with a bit of desire and determination mixed in, and get to work shedding those pounds in your kitchen, in your backyard or by your favorite hoghan or other culturally appropriate traditional dwelling!

No more excuses! You have the power, and with Freida as your trusted guide, you can continue your fitness journey forward and upward! Good bye diabetes – good bye obesity – good bye self procrastination – It’s time to get this party started!! Let’s go!

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