Shocking Toys AV Wand Accessory Male Manual Man Funny Toy Men Vibrato Gadgets Men,Wand

Item Type:Manuals,Material:TPR,Application 2:Male Manual for man,erotic toys

Weight:Wand accessory:70g / Wand: 311g,Model Number:A0224,Application 1:Male Vibrato for man,Funny toy for men

Brand Name:Tmg,Function 2:AV wand , Vibrato for men,Application 4: machine for men, ,games

Package:Secret and discreet,Function 1:,Flexibility,Soft,Tips:It’s available to match purchase.(With the AV magic wand)

color:Wand accessory:Black/Wand:Black/White/Purple/Pink,Application 3:Waterproof maletoy,products,size:As shown

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