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Hugh O’Brian, Doug McClure and also Tony Franciosa turn leads as elite high tech espionage operatives for Probe Division of World Securities Corporation in this spy-sensational SF-flavored actioner from Leslie Stevens (creator, The Outer Limits) and also Robert Justman (one of the guiding lights for both Star Trek as well as Star Trek: The Next Generation as a show producer). Each agent, called a “Probe”, is wired up for globally security many thanks to their Scanners (miniature video cameras) and dental/ ear implants. Tracking their telemetry and offering real-time objective guidance is the group of specialists united at Probe Control under the instructions of the brilliant, irascible V.C.R. Cameron (Burgess Meredith). O’Brian plays Lockwood, Probe One, ex-astronaut and lead agent, McClure plays CR Grover, Standby Probe, great beachcomber goofball and also Franciosa plays Nick Bianco, Omega Probe, street smart ex-NYC cop charged with the mob capers. The Probes quest for swiped moonrocks, missing representatives, a deadly Probe division defector and also even more alongside special guest stars the similarity Stefanie Powers, Bill Bixby, Mary Ann Mobley, Sebastian Cabot, Barbara Feldon, Mel Ferrer and also Joanna Cameron. 3 extremely various representatives, one really out-of-this-world program.

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