Rhino Valley Running Belt Waist Pack, Sports Fitness Workout Belt for Men, Women, Hiking, Travel, Water Resistant Reflective Bag for iPhone X/8/7 Plus, Galaxy Note 8/S9/S9+ – Black

UNIQUE CONTOUR – very well made, specially designed with solid structure and comfortable padding that helps contribute a unique waist pack, snugly accommodate your sporting gadgets and well protect your phone from scratches while still keeps its best shape.

WATER & SWEAT RESISTANT – use premium breathable polyamide lycra and oxford fabric, water resistant design to keep everything inside the bag dry and safe, well protecting the valuables from sweat, rain or dust.

FUNCTIONAL REFLECTIVE STRIPE – the reflective stripe along the waistband is great help especially when you prefer to run after sunset or at night, it well increases your visibility in the dark or low light conditions, always keep safe in mind!

ADJUSTABLE WAIST BELT – cleverly designed with high elastic belt and buckle closure at a non-stretch waist size of 25.6″ – 35.8″, that means it will almost fit on anyone at any waist size on its streched dimension, all in one!

SIMPLE YET POWERFUL – fits up to 6.2″ cellphones, lightweight, comfortable and practical, great for workouts, running, hiking, cycling, jogging, camping, sporting events, or even shopping, walking, fishing, traveling and more. A great buy that fits anyone at almost any fitness type.

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