Review: Under Armour’s fitness gadgets

Evaluation: Under Armour’s physical fitness gadgets have to form up.

$ 400 package consists of ranges, band, upper body band and also app.

UA will certainly also release sneakers with constructed in tracking.

You may know Under Armour mostly for its heavily marketed line of athletic sportswear. However the business has larger passions: It’s delving into the crowded market for wearable devices that intend to assist both professional athletes and lazy person track their fitness.

Its $400 plan, called the UA HealthBox, appears this Friday.

Made in collaboration with gizmo manufacturer HTC, the HealthBox has a wrist tracker, a heart-rate upper body band and a wireless shower room range.


On its face, the UA Band is simply another wristworn health and fitness tracker for measuring actions, sleep and also heart rate. As well as there’s an asterisk, also: The gadget disables heart-rate monitoring during runs and rotate class. Under Armour desires you to utilize its UA Heart Rate breast band rather, as wrist sensors typically aren’t as dependable.

The upper body band is a discomfort to put on, there’s a benefit to having those devices working together. A tiny light on the Band adjustments shade as your pulse boosts with workout strength.

I went for the greatest intensity– red– during shorter races, however, for complete as well as half marathons, red suggested I wasn’t conserving sufficient energy for the final miles. The tinted lights aid make up for the reality that the Band’s display screen is tough to read throughout runs.

The Band doesn’t have GPS, it does a sufficient job at determining distance throughout workouts. It does obtain your phone’s GPS to track route details.

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The Band’s battery lasts a couple of days under normal use, which is similar to Fitbits, however longer than smartwatches as well as Microsoft’s Band 2 physical fitness tracker. You can charge halfway in simply 15 mins, which is crucial if you’re using the gizmo all evening.


As is normal with fitness trackers, the Band immediately detects the length of time and also how well you rest. It goes additionally in distinguishing your last pulse analysis prior to you awaken. That’s your resting heart rate; a high rate can recommend overtraining– or merely that you’re out of shape.


The three HealthBox devices are sold separately, yet since they are created to collaborate, Under Armour is pressing the $400 bundle. It’s an affordable rate, also though it may present a hurdle to digital-fitness newcomers.

It’s not coming till this spring, and also Under Armour is still checking whether dimensions are great sufficient to provide similar shade tracking on the Band. (For now, Under Armour has earphones without the heart rate for $70 less.).

Also boiling down the pike are footwear with built-in sensing units for tracking runs. Ideally, these may allow you ditch your phone as well as various other GPS tools– at least as long as you hit a pace of 10 mins each mile or faster. That’s a high limit for several entertainment runners.

As a slowpoke, I got credit history for only 14.3 of the 26.2 miles in a marathon. That’s one defect with automated tracking.

If you have the phone with you, the footwear collaborate with the firm’s MapMyRun app to give steadier rate analyses, as those based upon GPS can be irregular. Under Armour is still working to obtain that data showed on the Band.