Q&A: Bro Splits for Muscle Growth, Weightlifting Belts, and How Long to Stay in a Calorie Deficit

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I’ve spun with over 150,000 emails, social media sites comments as well as messages, and also blog remarks in the last 6 years.

Which means I’ve fielded a lots of inquiries.

As you can envision, some concerns pop up more frequently than others, and also I believed it may be valuable to take a little time on a monthly basis to select a couple of and also document and share my responses.

So, in this round, I answer the following four concerns:.

1. Are bro splits optimal for muscular tissue growth?

2. Should you use a weightlifting belt?

3. The length of time should you remain in a calorie deficiency?

4. Is intermittent fasting better for preserving muscle mass than typical weight loss when cutting?

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