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🏆 THE BEST WAY TO IMPROVE YOUR REACTION TIME & SPEED! – You don’t need to be an expert boxer to use the Boxing Reflex Ball! It’s the perfect boxing trainer headband equipment that will build your dexterity, focus and reflexes while giving an intense workout!

💪 LOSE WEIGHT & STAY FIT! – Lifting weights and long hours on the treadmill is not the best way to stay fit! The truth is, punching boxerball not tennis one, might be surprisingly better and far more convincing. The unpredictability of the punch ball, coupled with the intensity of your punches will really burn out your arms, chest, shoulders and upper back; ideal for calorie burning and conditioning! Perfect boxing trainer headband with head mounted reflex ball!

🗽 ENJOY THE FREEDOM & HAVE FUN! – Forget about strict schedules! With the reaction boxerball, you don’t need one! Boxing ball reflex training boxer head can be used at home, or during the lunch break at school/work! Using the travel bag, you can carry the boxing trainer headband everywhere with you! No more excuses, simply put the boxing hat with ball, wrap the bandages on your hands and you’re ready for your daily workout!

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 SUITABLE FOR EVERYONE * 🎁 GREAT GIFT IDEA Fitness Gadget! – Man or woman, teenager or child / kids…it doesn’t make a difference! Everyone can use title reflex ball either for training purposes or for a fun game with the hand and eye coordination toys. Perfect for any occasion, this can be a great gift idea and will bring an amazing user experience. Train like a PRO MMA, boxing or kickboxing professional player!

💡 NEW DESIGN & FEATURE 360 RING! – Forget about the tangled string. Our head mounted reflex ball headband is using the new feature 360 rotatory ring which prevents the risk of tangled string and the speed of the ball will not be affected, so you will be able to enjoy the boxing training without stopping.

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