PREP2GO Paracord Keychain Survival Tool | Quick Release Flint and Steel Firestarter Multitool Carabiner Compass Thermometer – Moms Feel Safe! Your Kids Can Make Fire & Shelter When Lost!

INTRODUCTORY PRICE…EXCEPTIONAL! – TOP RATED BRAND (One product ranked #8 of 18,000,000 Products) Life throws curve balls. A hike or camp injury, car accident, flood or earthquake can quickly put you or a family member in harms way. A whistle, compass, rope, hook or multi tool can save your life. When hiking, backpacking, camping, hunting or prepping your 72 hour doomsday prepper bug out bag, men, women & kids can now build a fire, catch food and make a shelter in an emergency!

UNIQUE! – MILITARY TOUGH. The 550 lb rated parachute cord is STRONG enough to pull you out of a ditch. Great BOY SCOUT gear or urban survivalist supplies; ULTRALIGHT and VERSATILE weighs < 0.1 lb. Easily attaches to your belt loop, vacation travel back pack, bugout or hunting vest. COMPACT & portable for outdoor hiking or daily urban adventures; Handy Fahrenheit thermo meter. Flint and steel firestarter is made of quick spark ferrocerium ferro rod and excellent for making hundreds of fires.

CRITICAL! – WILL NOT FAIL when you need it. DURABLE: Our paracord survival keychain is a cool gadget gift for any camper, boater, hiker, hunter outdoorsman and even for the less tactical urban doomsday preppers. The mini compass is can give you a general bearing so you don’t walk around in circles in the woods.

TRUSTED! – USA SMALL BUSINESS…WE ARE A VOLUNTEER FIRST RESPONDER FAMILY and use our own products for every day carry…LIFETIME WARRANTY: 100% Money back guarantee. If, for whatever reason, you don’t absolutely love your paracord keychain, then simply return it for a hassle-free, no questions asked refund. It’s that easy. Your husband, boyfriend or eagle scout will love their cool new camping gear gadget!

SUPERIOR HANDMADE DESIGN! – WE USE THE HIGHEST QUALITY PARACORD KEYCHAIN MATERIALS. Other multi tools rip you off with cheap cord-they say 550 but use 350 lbs or less. Our handcrafted lanyard uses PREMIUM 550+ pound rated military grade type III paracord (7 triple 3-ply strands or 21 total yarns) and is independently LAB TESTED and documented @ 552 lbs.

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