PREP2GO Outdoorsman Survival Gift Emergency Paracord Grenade (24pc) SOS Flint and Steel Prepper Gear Kit-Camping Hiking Hunting. Moms Feel Safe! Your Kids can get Food, Fire & Shelter When Lost

EXCEPTIONAL! – AMAZON TOP RATED #6 of 22,000,000 Products in Tools & Home by verified customers. Life throws curve balls. A hurricane tornado flood or travellers accident can quickly put you or a family member in an emergency crisis situation where a fire starter, knife, fishing kit or rope can keep you alive. Now a camper, trailblazer hiker, rock climber, backwoods hunter or 3 day go bag prepping adventurer can make fire, food & shelter when disaster strikes or lost in the woods!

UNIQUE! – HIGH QUALITY CRAFTSMANSHIP: Must pass two 10-point inspections or is rejected. TOUGH: Strong enough to lift two men out of a ditch. This perfect camp hike or hunt multitool is DURABLE enough for everyday carry or next adventure. ULTRALIGHT: Easily attaches to belt loop, backpack, go bag. COMPACT & PORTABLE: Fits in wallet pocket of hiker backpacker hunter climber or stores in purse, rucksack, tactical pack, rv, boat, truck, jeep, atv. To be safe each family member should have one.

CRITICAL! – THIS LITTLE BEAST WILL NOT FAIL WHEN YOU NEED IT MOST! Other multi tools use cheap cord. Our handcrafted kit uses HEAVY DUTY PREMIUM 550+ pound rated military grade type III paracord (7-triple 3-Ply strands or 21 total yarns). Others kits say 550 but actually use 350 lb and less. Ours is independently LAB TESTED by SGS @ 552 lbs. Coupled with a strong aluminum carabeaner that will not fall off, you’re getting the toughest and most versatile tool of its kind.

EXCITING! – WITH 24 TOOLS YOU ARE BETTER PREPARED. Don’t be stuck with less when disaster strikes! (like only basic fishing kit, ferrocerium rod, tinder, carabiner & sharp eye knife). We stuff our kit with many extras: 10+ feet of all weather, mold resistant cordage, never miss stainless steel flint striker, super hot ferro rod fire starter, metal wire, shrimp lure, first aid sterile pad, 2nd larger 12×12” signal mirror /tin cooking foil, sewing needle, storage bags and safety pins.

TRUSTED! – WE ARE A USA SMALL BUSINESS and VOLUNTEER FIRST RESPONDER FAMILY…100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE & Lifetime Warranty. If, for whatever reason, you don’t absolutely love your kit, then simply return it for a hassle-free, no questions asked refund. It’s that easy. Give your loved one a great new survival gift for men or kids for under $20. They won’t need Bear Grylls or Les Stroud fire starting skills. CLICK ADD TO CART now WHILE SUPPLIES LAST…Get yours today!

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