Paracord Survival Grenade Tin And Emergency Bracelet (55pc)–Flint and Steel First Aid Preppers Disaster Kit–65 Feet–Mom Feel Safe! Your Kids Can Get Fire, Food & Shelter When Lost.

EXCEPTIONAL! – AMAZON TOP 10 RATED (One kit just ranked #8 of 18,000,000 Products) Life throws curve balls. A vacation travel accident, tornado, boy scouts mishap, hurricane or doomsday prepper scenario can quickly put you or a family member in a crisis, where a simple multi tool can save a life. When hiking, backpacking, camping, deer hunting or prepping your 72 hour bug out bag, men, women & kids can now build a fire, catch food and make a shelter in an emergency! (Great survivalist gear)

UNIQUE! – MILITARY TOUGH CRAFTSMANSHIP. Strong enough to save you out of a ditch. Must pass (2) quality inspections. BOY SCOUTS TESTED multitool is ultralight weighing less than 1 lb. Great gift for even the less tactical outdoorsman. Easily attaches to belt, back pack vest. COMPACT & PORTABLE for outdoor adventures: Stores in car glove box, camper, boat, truck, rv. Our large 16″ bracelet winds twice around a man’s wrist. All multi use tools fit neatly in custom water proof metal box.

EXCITING! – STUFFED WITH LIFE SAVING TRAVEL TOOLS & CAMPING ESSENTIALS. Don’t be stuck with fewer tools when chaos strikes! Our 55 Piece (5″ x 4″) tin box pod has BONUS: 65 ft of all weather mildew resistant paracord, survival blanket, water purification tabs, compass, whistle, gauze, LED light, antibiotic cream, never miss fire starter 5000 deg. Ferrocerium ferro rod, tinder, knife, tin foil, trap wire, shrimp bait lure, sterile pads, cotton balls, needle, bands, safety pins, storage zip bags.

CRITICAL! – WILL NOT FAIL WHEN YOU NEED IT MOST! Designed for NASA thermal blanket retains 90% body heat; prevents hypothermia trauma; Keeps you warm and alive during the cold night. With this large, quick deploy reusable waterproof & windproof mylar rescue blanket you don’t need Bear Grylls shelter building skills. So even the urban backpacker adventurer has a fighting chance to live another day in open hostile terrain or extreme conditions w/o survivorman skills like Les Stroud.

TRUSTED! – USA SMALL BUSINESS…WE ARE A VOLUNTEER FIRST RESPONDER FAMILY…LIFETIME WARRANTY & 100% Money back guarantee. If, for whatever reason, you don’t absolutely love your travel tool survival kit, then simply return it for a hassle-free refund. But Its a cool new gadget for the man who has everything. One of the best 2017 gifts for your son, daughter, husband, dad or tactical prepper boyfriend. Scroll up and CLICK ‘ADD TO CART’ now and get yours today WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!

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