Paracord Survival Grenade EDC Kit | Ultimate Emergency (24pc) Military Grade Wilderness Prepper Gear–Camping Hiking Hunting. Moms Feel Safe! Your Kids can get Food, Fire & Shelter When Lost

EXCEPTIONAL! – AMAZON TOP RATED #9 of 22,000,000 Products in Sports & Outdoors by verified customers. Life throws curve balls. A hurricane tornado flood or vacation accident can quickly put you or a family member in an emergency crisis situation where a fire starter, knife, fishing kit or rope can keep you alive. Now the trekking hiker, camper, rock climber, backwoods hunter or 3 day go bag prepping adventurer can make fire, food and shelter when disaster strikes or lost in the woods!

CRITICAL! – THIS LITTLE BEAST WILL NOT FAIL WHEN YOU NEED IT MOST! Other multi tools rip you off with cheap cord-they say 550 but use 350 lb or less. Our handcrafted kit uses PREMIUM 550+ pound rated military grade type III paracord (7-triple 3-ply strands or 21 total yarns) and is independently SGS LAB TESTED -documented @ 552 lbs. Coupled with a strong carabiner belt clip you’re getting the toughest and most versatile keychain tool of its kind.

EXCITING! (24-in-1) MAKES YOU BETTER PREPARED. DON’T BE STUCK WITH FEWER TOOLS WHEN DISASTER STRIKES! (like only basic fishing kit, firesteel rod, tinder, 2.4-in carabeaner & sharp eye knife). We stuff our kit with many extras: 10+ ft all weather mold UV resistant cord, never miss Stainless Steel flint striker, super hot Ferrocerium ferro rod fire starter, metal wire, shrimp lure, first aid sterile pad, 12×12” signal mirror /tin cooking (2) foil, sewing needle, storage bags, safety pins.

UNIQUE! – FINEST CRAFTSMANSHIP ENSURES YOU GET THE BEST QUALITY (passes two 10-point inspections). TOUGH: Strong enough to lift two men out of a ditch. This durable 3-inch fob is a great outdoorsman multitool to have on your next hike or hunt vacation. LIGHTWEIGHT: Easily attaches to belt loop, vest, backpack, go bag. COMPACT & PORTABLE: Fits in wallet pocket of hiker backpacker hunter climber or stores in purse, rucksack, tactical pack, truck, jeep, atv. Each family member should have one.

TRUSTED! – WE ARE A USA SMALL BUSINESS and VOLUNTEER FIRST RESPONDER FAMILY…100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE & Lifetime Warranty. If, for whatever reason, you don’t absolutely love your kit, then simply return it for a hassle-free, no questions asked refund. It’s that easy. A unique gift for the man who has everything for under $20. He won’t need Bear Grylls or Les Stroud fire starting skills. So click ‘add to cart’ now WHILE SUPPLIES LAST…Get yours today!

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