Paracord Bracelet 5-in-1 Mil-Spec 550 Flint Firesteel with Striker Blade-Scraper Compass and Whistle, 7-strand 13-ft usable cord for Personal-Protection Emergency-Preparedness Best EDC Survival Gadget

PARACHUTE CORD Mil-Spec 550 (7-strand) unravels to 13-FT USABLE CORD (90+ft), with a 550-LB MINIMUM TENSILE STRENGTH. Paracord is one of the MOST VERSATILE SURVIVAL TOOL and useful in a hundred different ways: build shelter/splint, animal snares, lash spear/ rafts, repair equipment, rig sails/pulley system, administer first aid, stitch & more. Paracord bracelets come in two sizes: 9-in for women or 10-in for men (length).

FIRE IS LIFE IN A SURVIVAL SITUATION. Use stainless CUTTER to strike FLINT ROD to start and make fire in ANY CONDITION for heat to keep warm, cooking and boiling water, protection & lighting. Use FIRE STARTER to make signal fire for help and COMPASS for navigation. Keep safe in the woods or on the road, and ALWAYS PREPARED ANYWHERE in ANY CONTINGENCIES with a DISCRETE SURVIVAL GADGET ON YOUR WRIST.

STRIKER BLADE cuts paracord, does small cutting jobs, and shaves beetle-killed branches for firewood while EMERGENCY WHISTLE is high-pitched with loudness to 100 decibels and serves as a SIGNAL equipment to ESCAPE DANGER and INDICATE LOCATION to search & rescue teams.

An INVALUABLE, ALL-WEATHER, MULTI-USE DEVICE that provides all you need to cut, fish, navigate, make auditory & visual signaling to rescuers if lost or in danger.

This COOL, COMPACT, LIGHT, COMFY, TACTICAL, easy-to-disassemble, and wearable EDC emergency toolbox also comes in an ATTRACTIVELY-DESIGNED, sturdy, and INFORMATIVE BOX PACKAGING that makes a GREAT GIFT for one and all: men, women and children! But what’s most vital is that it can be a LIFESAVER at a time you need to use it. DON’T RISK BEING UNPREPARED. The day you don’t have it will be the day you’ll end up needing it. So WEAR IT to SURVIVE IT!

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