OZO Fitness SC 3D Digital Pedometer | Best Pedometer for Walking. Track Steps & Miles, Calories & Activity Time. Clip on Step Counter for Men, Women & Kids (Lanyard included) (Black)

EASY TO USE & SEE. Accurate digital sensor tracks your activity while Walking, Running or Jogging. The large display with an inverted orientation makes your daily progress easy to read even when clipped on. Ideal for all ages including seniors and the elderly.

SIMPLE SETUP & NO ACCIDENTAL RESETS. Side buttons make programming a breeze, virtually eliminating accidental resets, so you can count on the results each day. A great tracker to help you stay fit.

SMALL, SILENT & EASY TO HIDE in a pocket, bag, purse; clip on your waist, belt, ankle or bra; attach a lanyard to wear on your neck. The slim design is comfortable to wear with all types of clothing.

SMART ACTIVITY TRACKER resets to zero at midnight daily, has 30-day memory log to recall past day’s performance with ease and records a running total of all counts and a Daily Target Bar to keep you motivated.

Non Bluetooth pedometer; no computer or app required. The long battery life keeps The long battery life keeps you counting while the built-in clock is a handy watch.

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