Nano Shield Dishwasher Magnet Clean Dirty Sign, 2018 New Design Decorative Dishwasheer Indicator Slidee Reminder with Sticky Tab Adhesion, Slide Signs Cool Kitchen Gadgets – White

EASY TO USE: It’s a pretty large dishwasher magnet at 2″ x 7″ so it’s easy for everyone to see. It sticks to any surface with either the embedded magnets or the industrial sticky tabs (both are included).

WONT’T SCRATCH YOUR DISHWASHER: Durable rubber coating covers an industrial-strength magnet and protects your dishwasher. Won’t chip your tile if it’s dropped, either.

MAGNETIC AND ADHESIVE STICKER OPTION: Works on all dishwashers, stainless steel, white, black, wood, cabinet doors. Looks great in designer kitchens. This shutter is small and sturdy. You will love it.

PREMIMUM DISHWASHER ALERT: Never add dirty dishes to a clean load again. With its industrial-strength magnet and rubber coating, this sign attaches to any dishwasher without scratching.

This cool dirty clean dishwasher sign is a GREAT gift for all occasions. It is a life changing magnet, a lovely gadget for mom / dad / husband / wife / roomates / kids.

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