Mountie by Ten One Design – Mount Your Smartphone or Tablet to Your Laptop – an Instant Second Display for your Computer Monitor (T1-MULT-109) – Blue

2x Your Productivity: for optimal on the go work flow. For the student writing an essay while waiting for that text. For the company inventing the future while on FaceTime. With Mountie, anything’s possible. Meet multitasking 2.0.

See What You’ve Been Missing: maybe you have a few devices: laptop, phone, a tablet or two, but have you noticed that switching between devices is a pain? Get Mountie, put it all at eye-level, and experience device continuity for the first time.

Near Universal Compatibility with most modern laptops: comes complete with 5 swappable rubberized grips to secure most all tablets and smartphones from 5mm and 9mm thick. iPhone 4 and newer, iPad Air and newer, most Android phones and tablets.

Designed to Delight: the smooth finish, premium rubber inserts, the satisfying “clamp” of the lever- every aspect is engineered for a peerless dual screen experience. Just clip a device to your laptop screen and go hands-free in seconds.

Highly Giftable: know someone who loves their gadgets? This just might be the accessory they’ve been waiting for. Like a good friend, it’s always there to support you and your tech toys.

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