Ministry of Defence foots £80,000 bill for troops’ nose jobs

Concerning: The Ministry of Defence has actually spent almost ₤ 80,000 on nose jobs, tattoo removals and man-boob reductions for troops in pricey personal health care clinics.The shock costs, which consists of tummy tucks as well as lipo, has arised in the MoD’s response to a Freedom of Information request.It exposes the Ministry spent ₤ 19,285 on a stomach tuck, ₤ 17,950 to decrease the size of a soldier’s man-boobs and ₤ 4,185 on a nose job.Defence chiefs additionally chose up the bill for laser therapy to eliminate a soldier’s tattoo which came to ₤ 750, paid ₤ 6,163 for an additional fat-removal procedure and also spent ₤ 3,059 to lift a squaddie’s breasts.Many of the controversial procedures were part of the Army’s ‘fight of the lump’ campaign to help overweight soldiers shape-up for the front line.Thousands of soldiers are stopping working standard health and fitness tests as well as are considered too fat to battle. Some workers are not doing enough workout and also are consuming the incorrect food.Last night, support sources urged most soldiers utilized the NHS and that these procedures were outstanding cases.They added that leading brass concurred to money personal care after worries were raised concerning the well-being of the soldiers concerned.In total, the MoD’s expense for personal health care from January 2015 to August 2018 came to ₤ 9,738, 935. Share this post Share The huge majority– ₤ 6,182,861– went on household therapy for troops enduring from post-traumatic stress and anxiety problem and also other significant mental wellness issues.The next largest expenditure was appointing medical appointments, which cost ₤ 2,914,801 while aesthetic surgical treatments came to ₤ 76,153.