MCJL Fitness Tracker, Color Screen Smart Bracelet with Connected GPS Tracker Pedometer Sleep Monitor Stopwatch, Waterproof Sports Watch Ladies Men's Children,Gold

❤ Track all day: Track your steps, calories burned, distance, and record the duration of the exercise. Show notifications of incoming calls, messages and SNS

❤ Sleep Monitoring: Automatically detects your sleep and analyzes your sleep quality through deep sleep, mild sleep and waking hours. In addition, silent vibration alerts can wake you up without disturbing others. Set an alarm and sedentary alert to silently remind you to wake up, take medicine or do some exercise

❤Connect GPS Tracker: Connect GPS on your phone to display running statistics such as calories burned, pace and steps and record your fitness route

❤Color screen and custom: 0.96-inch OLED color screen, 3 custom clock faces. Comfortable, stylish, adjustable straps for cute kids, sporty ladies or men.

❤ Built-in USB plug: easy to use any USB module and computer or laptop to charge; no need for charging cable and base; one charge can provide you with 5-7 days of working time

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