Mamlyn Premium Quality Microfiber Sunglasses Pouch with Drawstring Closure, 3 Pink Glasses Case for Eyeglasses, Gadgets, Cell Phones, Jewelry, Watches for Men And Women, Bonus Black Cloth

STORE YOUR EYEGLASSES WITH STYLE: These eye glass instance is available in a collection of 3 and with every order you will additionally receive a FREE black blank fabric to constantly maintain your glasses or checking out glasses, safety glass. In addition to this features a drawstring bag closure. to maintain the bag closed!NOT JUST A CASE FOR GLASSES: These glasses situation are not simply a glasses case. You can likewise use this glass instance to save your watch, cell phone, fashion jewelry, MP3 gamers, smart device, along with other little products that you do not intend to lose!SOFT FABRIC OF MATCHLESS QUALITY: Our collection of 3 eyeglasses situations distinct colors are best to suit your special design, this is the best spectacles instances for males and women and also youngsters SPACIOUS WITHOUT TAKING UP TOO MUCH SPACE: These soft analysis glasses case are 4″ x 7″ in dimension which fit quite a lot anything, however unlike other sunglass instances they will not take any additional room in your pocket!SOFT, HANDY STORAGE OR YOUR MONEY BACK: These premium microfiber sunglasses pouches are your best choice to maintain your glasses

safe and your things arranged. Besides, we utilize them ourselves each and every single day. That’s why we want you to obtain in touch with us if you are not 100%completely satisfied with your order and we’ll make it

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