Magnetic Hooks Great for Hang Gadgets Declutter and Add Storage Powerful Heavy Duty Neodymium Magnet (D25 Magnetic Hooks)

✔ MULTI PURPOSE – Perfect use of space above kitchen sink to hang gadgets, for garage to hang garden tools, for home and office to hang dry erase boarder and bath towel, for a carport to hold up lights and stuff, even for a cruise to hang hats, bath suits, and lanyards(The cabin walls are metal, so they stick anywhere, work best when hanging from the ceiling), very strong magnets and hooks, but to be honest, items will slide down the walls with more than 4-5 lbs hanging on it

✔ SMALL SIZE BUT STRONG MAGNET – Don’t let the size fool you! They are strong! You can really feel the pull when attaching them to a metallic surface, Magnetic hook has the characteristics of small size, large suction, when vertical adsorption on the material surface, can maximize the suction. Also, the contact surface’s thickness, material, roughness and friction force will also influence the suction in some degree

✔ EASY ASSEMBLE – Magnetic hooks are easy to remove, they’d be great in any small space to aid storage and easy accessibility, and these magnetic hooks fit in anywhere and serve a purpose that cannot be duplicated. You can place what you need and use often at hand without taking up limited space because their use is expansive and increases available storage space. Once you get used to using magnetic hooks, you simply cannot be without them

✔ ATTENTION PLEASE – Due to the power magnetism, if you want to use these Magnetic hook on stainless steel refrigerators, we suggest to put a tissue or something else between the magnet & the surface to protect the surface from scratching

✔ LIFETIME GUARANTEE – Our products are extremely high quality and are checked during and after production for quality, your purchase is protected, return at any time and at any point! What are you waiting for? It’s time to declutter the space!

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