Large ToolCard Multi Wallet Pocket Gadget Neptune Edition. Kydex Tactical Wallet With Money Clip and Multitool

Kryptek Neptune Textured Kydex Edetion.
Multi tool is included .
The most customizable wallet on the market.
Metal money clip can be personalized with your text or logo.
Assembled with stainless steel fasteners.
Holds up to 5 cards, up to 8 cards with expansion kit (optional)

This wallet has a special compartment under the money clip that fits large credit card sized multi tools. The tool is securely held in place and is easy to slide in and out. Alternatively, the multi tool compartment can be used to store business cards. The ejector tab on one end of the wallet assists taking out the cards and multi tool.

Comes with our our new exclusively designed and developed by Mgear stainless steel multi tool.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Utilizing the flexibility of the material itself, this innovative wallet does not require rubber bands to hold it together. We tested our wallet for extended period of time in real life conditions and now we are ready to make it available to everyone.

Please select the custom text option to engrave on the money clip. If you would like to place an image (B&W) on the stainless steel front or money clip you may contact us with a graphic file attachment.

Please use the optional expansion kit if you are carrying more than recommended maximum amount of cards. The expansion spacers can be added or removed as needed.

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