Kyraly Active Bundle: Resistance Bands-2 Adjustable Latex Exercise Bands – For Workout of Legs, Arms – Great for Kids, Girls, Men, Women – 1 Set of 5 Finger Stretcher Mini Bands and 1 Hand Exerciser

ADJUSTABLE RESISTANCE BANDS; Our resistance band is made of premium quality latex and it is a great workout tool for your legs, arms and butt; you can be your own fitness trainer

FEEL YOUR HANDS, THUMBS, FINGERS, WRISTS AND FOREARMS GETTING STRONGER; Work Up to the harder colors to slowly build a great grip and establish muscular balance in the forearms; easy adjustable to fit all hands, convenient for men, women, elderly, teens or children fidgety hands – great exercise equipment for kids – , the gripper suits everyone’s exercising needs

GREAT REHAB TOOL; ; The finger stretcher helps to alleviate medical conditions, such as: arthritis, tendonitis, carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, various contracture type syndromes or recover from a hand injury or surgery; with these bands, your dexterity will improve and pain will simply go away; a great funny kids fitness equipment and for all family

NO MORE HAND CRAMPS OR SWELLING; with the grip strengthener kit, you feel the blood circulating in your hands; build an enjoyable workout routine that allows you to relax and complete your muscle development; add to Cart NOW and start feeling its long-term benefits

SATISFACTION GUARANTEE; Durable, lightweight, portable, with a nice design and colors, the KyralyActive products: resistance bands, finger stretcher mini-bands and hand exerciser, are well-made, comfortable and easy to use; we care about our customers, therefore, if you are not fully satisfied with your purchase please let us know and we will make it right

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