Kitchen utensil set of 7 pieces -silicone cooking utensils- kitchen gadgets BPA free- beechwood serving utensils for cooking best high resistant -wooden utensils set- kitchen aid tools

🍎 Why not get a kitchen tools that really will make you life easier?.This great Silicone Utensil set are far more stick resistant than others in the market. It will not damage metal pots or pans.

🍎 Oiram premium silicone set are very safe to use in any type of food, it does not react with food or beverages or produce any hazardous fumes.Our special silicone is the best with the highest standards, we constantly tested before add it to our utensils to provide you best quality ever period .Our silicone useful characteristics :Low thermal conductivity. No chemical reactivity. No toxicity. Thermal stability (constancy of properties over a wide temperature) .

🍎 Oiram cooking utensils set are preferable because they are much more durable than other silicone or nylon sets in the market , it can withstand higher temperature before melting.

🍎 Want to invest in high quality Set?. Oiram is your best choice , best quality tools, number 1 costumer choice and is going to last forever, it is better than burning through several cheap Kitchen tools .

🍎 Beech wood handled .Premium tough wood with anti-bacterial properties and hanging loop for convenient storage.

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