KACAGA Baggy Rack, 2 Pack Clip Food Storage Bag Racks Green Onto Holder Sandwich Bag Racks Ideal Plastic Kitchen Gadget Well Sealable Bag Holder for Ziploc Bags

PROMOTIONS:Buy now 2 PACK Give 5 PCS transparent sealed bags;4 PACK Give 10PCS transparent sealed bags

USEFUL HAND: Hold the freezer, storage or sandwich bag, any type of Ziploc bag under the clip and fill it. The best practical plastic bag holder with pocket clips. Cooking gadgets are a fantastic kitchen evaluator and must have a kitchen essential; use this shelf to grab your bag while you fill the content with food to provide you with a worry-free workplace

MEASUREMENT: Rack measures 8.66″ by 3.54″, adjustable in The default height of the arms are 6.5 inches and it can reach up to 10.5 inches. Arms can be folded down so that you can easily store it in your drawer

SIMPLE SET-UP: Fasten the baggies under the rack clips and fill with your favorite foods – its as easy as that!This bag rack doubles as a simply drying solution. Hang to dry your food storage bags after rinsing them to reuse later

MORE ABOUT: Non-slip rubber base to ensure food transfer into the bag without spill. The Gadget folds are done using it.

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