Jump Rope Agility Workout With Nati Mejia Fitness

Jump Rope Agility Exercise With Nati Mejia Physical Fitness

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Today’s Workout: Join myself and Nati Mejia of Nati Mejia Fitness as we take you via an enjoyable and also difficult dancing + jump rope workout. 4 dive rope exercises and 4 bodyweight/ calisthenic exercises. Let’s go fam!

-30 sec – jump rope routine bounce
-30 sec – leaping jacks
-30 sec – jump rope run in area
-30 sec – side actions
-30 sec – dive rope criss cross
-30 sec – 180’s.
-30 sec – dive rope boxer miss.
-30 sec – front kicks.

** remainder 1 min between circuits.
** complete circuit 3-5x (3 novice, 4 for advanced).

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