IGN1TE Touchscreen Magic Gloves – Lightweight Thermal Knit Winter Gloves Designed for Texting, Driving, Hiking, Running, Cycling and Casual Wear – 3-Finger Touch Screen Technology – Fits Men & Women

LIGHTWEIGHT PERFORMANCE: These lightweight winter gloves provide a solid layer of toasty warmth and protection between your hands and the harsh wintry world. They’re perfect for work, casual wear and different outdoor activities like running, hiking, camping, biking, driving, walking the dog, etc. You can be sure that you’re in good hands even on warmer days on the slopes.

ANTI-SLIP AND COMFORTABLE DESIGN: These cold weather gloves will keep your hands warm and comfortable. Their super grippy silicone palm ensures you grip your phone, steering wheel, bike handle bars, dog leash or shovel with no slip.

THUMB THROUGH YOUR PHONE: Capture every moment of your winter adventure without taking off your gloves! These gloves are touch compatible, so your fingers won’t freeze as you snap a photo of the Rockies from your ski lift. With the 3-Finger Touch Screen Technology, you can type just as fast as you would when using your fingers.

SIZING: Thanks to our comfy stretch acrylic yarn, these gloves will…fit you like a glove. Bad jokes aside, these gloves will stretch and conform to your hand perfectly. Great gift idea for family and friends.

QUALITY BACKED BY A 1-YEAR WARRANTY: Shop with confidence with our worry-free 1-Year Warranty & Satisfaction Guarantee. No hassle on return, refund or replacement requests. We deliver quality products, great value and awesome customer support. Want proof? Well, we have over 7000 5-star reviews on Amazon and that means over 7000 happy & satisfied customers. Surely you can’t go wrong with IGN1TE’s high quality Magic Gloves!

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