I Bought 5 WORKOUT Items From Wish (ARE THEY WORTH IT?)

I Bought 5 WORKOUT Items From WISH (ARE THEY WORTH IT?)|Buying/Testing/Trying 5 workout things from dream!
I purchased 5 items on dream, workout, health and fitness, related. These products were inexpensive, suspiciously economical items from dream, but are they worth it?

1. In-ear Sweatproof Earphone
2. Little Bluetooth 4.1 Stereo Earbud
3. Skipping Jump Rope Fitness
4. Sports Gym Gloves Unisex
5. Abdominal Trainer Fitness Slimming Body
6. 2Pcs 25mm Barbell Gym Weight Bar Dumbbell (NEVER RECEIVED).
7. Take care of It Thug Life Glasses Meme MLG Shades 8 Bit pixelated Unisex Sunglasses.
8. 10pcs Color Smoke Effect for Photography Smoke Cake.

The names of these items lmao.

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