HYSH 2 pcs Emergency Urinal women Mini Outdoor Portable Shrinkable Travel Car Camping Pee Urine Bottle Personal Mobile Toilet for Kids Adult (blue)

Reusable, sanitary, flexible, hermetic, accordion design.Shrinkable style to conserve area, very easy to carry in bag.emergency usage for web traffic jam, bedside backup, persons in mobility devices and so on. Requirements for far away vehicle driving, outdoor camping tasks, Journey etc.Both for men & ladies-different lengthy

and also large mouth rest room can fit women perfectly.Uses the global environmental defense product.

Sealing efficiency is wonderful, will not leakage when the urinal put down. Easily offered to facilitate cleaning.750 ML Large Capacity , Unisex for grown-up & children take a trip emergency situation use.

Can be continuously used after cleaning. clear the container in time and also keep dry.

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