How To Tune A Subwoofer With REW PB4000 vs PB12NSD

This is a long video clip demonstrating how to setup and also utilize REW software program, the hardware you need, what several of the setups do as well as indicate, how to utilize your receiver settings as well as tune a sub in your room with them, exactly how to check out the charts and also an A/B test contrast of the SVS PB12-NSD vs the SVS PB4000 speaker. Additionally revealing the distinction between criterion, sealed and also expanded settings with instance clips. I was mosting likely to make a few much shorter videos yet honestly you require to see and understand all of it, to recognize any of it.
0:00:27 hardware needed
0:02:24 software needed
0:02:55 microphone positioning
0:03:52 connecting laptop to television
0:04:37 initial REW configuration
0:09:21 adjusting system volume
0:12:53 taking the first dimension
0:15:03 establishing fundamental chart alternatives
0:18:27 setting receiver area adjustment
0:23:57 making changes to sub placement
0:35:43 making listening position modifications
0:39:59 finding a compromise ready
0:41:51 PB-4000 shipment and also unboxing
0:44:57 PB-4000 summary
0:45:35 PB-4000 initial setup for dimension
0:49:26 PB-4000 base measurement
0:50:57 PB12-NSD vs PB-4000 baseline graphs
0:51:40 SVS App tutorial
0:55:25 PB-4000 Tuning with the app
0:55:44 best last PB-4000 tune for requirement
0:58:49 motion picture demo
1:03:00 PB-4000 Std vs Sealed vs Extended graphs
1:05:35 film trial (expanded).
1:05:52 last ideas.

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