HOME-X Giraffe Whistling Tea Kettle, Animal Teapot, Kitchen Accessories and Décor

LOVELY GIRAFFE DESIGN: This adorable teapot features a giraffe head as the handle of the teapot. Grab the neck of the giraffe as you pour your tea or hot beverage. The kettle is painted to look like the body of a giraffe. This collectible teapot will add charm to your kitchen. Whenever you pour your tea, it will bring a smile to your face.

CUTE KITCHEN ACCESSORY: Nothing spruces up a kitchen like a novelty tea kettle! This darling teapot will add charm and charisma to your kitchen with its fun, eye-catching design. Entertain your friends by throwing a tea party. This striking tea kettle will be the centerpiece of any event. Express yourself and impress your friends with this unique teapot.

FUN WHISTLING TEA KETTLE: Never forget your tea kettle on a hot stovetop again! This teapot emits a loud train-like whistle when your water is finished boiling. You’ll hear it loud and clear – even from another room! The tea kettle’s lid fits snugly on top, keeping hot steam inside. Unwind at the end of a long day with a hot cup of tea thanks to your new teapot!

MAKES A GREAT GIFT: Give your loved ones a gift that’s both beautiful and functional. This decorative teapot is a perfect present for housewarming parties, bridal showers, or other special occasions. Gift it as a Christmas or birthday present. Some people even collect teapots as a hobby. Help them expand their teapot collection with this charming tea kettle.

COMPATIBLE WITH GAS & ELECTRIC STOVES: The outside and inside of this tea kettle is made from enamel on steel, so it can withstand high heats. Its handle, spout, and lid knob are made from durable plastic. The handle has a comfortable, soft grip. This kettle can be used on gas, electric, radiant, halogen, and ceramic heating sources.

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