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Moon Pod: A Zero-Gravity Beanbag for All-Day Deep Relaxation By John Fiorentino
Float on Moon Pod; a zero-gravity beanbag crafted to deliver a full-body lightweight experience for all-day stress relief + relaxation
Moon Pod is a premium lightweight beanbag crafted to provide a sensation of zero-gravity weightlessness in any type of position. It cradles your body right into an uncommon fixed state, providing best stress and anxiety alleviation and also all-day leisure.
Its outer membrane is made from an one-of-a-kind combined material which encapsulates thousands of high-friction microbeads that react and also react to every square inch of your body.
Moon Pod provides a weightless experience crafted to resemble the therapeutic sensation of Flotation Therapy, an effective technique understood in order to help people who deal with anxiety, stress and anxiety, sleeplessness, PTSD, as well as ADHD.
Its unique morphing capabilities make it possible for Moon Pod to create 3 major positions.
Utilize it like a chair, nap, or reclining chair vessel.
Whether you’re functioning, loosening up, or taking a power snooze, Moon Pod is the supreme method to relax, rejuvenate, and unwind.
Unwinding on Moon Pod is an experience you’ve never really felt before.

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In just the last two years the number of people that reported enduring from anxiety and also anxiety has raised by virtually 300% continuously relocating for ever distracted and constantly connected in. We are not obtaining the correct remainder as well as relaxation. We desperately require
introducing Moon pie, a high thickness zero-gravity beanbag, syntheticed to respond and change to your body normally,
eliminating anxiety while providing supreme convenience as well as relaxation.

My name is John fiorentino and also I’ve invested years reading the study as well as scientific research behind sleep anxiety as well as anxiety. Simply in 2014, I developed the currently world-famous weighted blanket on Kickstarter and raised over 4.7 million dollars from over 23,000
amazing backers as well as currently I’m so excited to introduce to all you moon case a beanbag, totally re-engineered to supply a full-body weight less experience the lightweight sensation moon capsule supplies is designed to resemble the therapeutic results of floatation
therapy a, effective method to assist people who deal with stress and anxiety ADHD sleeplessness PTSD and clinical depression. Moon hull gets rid of all
Opening up these high anxiety areas promotes appropriate breathing and also blood circulation to enhance relaxation while reducing overall anxiety and anxiety degrees moon vessel morphs into three major positions. Sit in the center to use it like a chair recline to lounge around as well as chill out or lay down totally flat as well as when you use it along with my weighted blanket the experience is unlike anything you’ll ever before feel.
just about anywhere. So whether you’re working hard, relaxing
after a demanding day or taking a power currently, moon case will promptly become your most likely to service for all-day relaxation. Our producing partners are ready to go. Please join me again
to produce an additional transformative item that will aid the world relax a little less complicated.

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