Healbe GoBe – The World’s First Automatic Calorie Counter

The Healbe GoBe Body Manager is the initial device that can track what you place in your body without requiring you to ever eye a nutrition tag.

The GoBe informed me specifically the number of calories I’ve shoveled in, and also the number of I’ve melted.

Making use of three sensing units and also a great deal of complicated math, the GoBe I’ve endured my wrist for a week has actually informed me specifically exactly how several calories I’ve shoveled in, and also just how several I’ve shed. And also I’ve checked it versus box tags and also various other physical fitness devices. I had been prepared to jump onboard with the vocal movie critics calling the GoBe snake oil. I won’t: The recently has actually been a complete life changer. Not only does it work, discovering just how several calories I eat and also the number of I shed every day has me thinking of food and also workout in a totally brand-new method.

Regretfully, the GoBe is also one of the buggiest, a lot of frustrating gadgets I’ve ever made use of. Below’s an in-depth appearance at one of one of the most interesting, yet still deeply flawed, devices on the brink of striking racks.

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