Haier XShuai C3 Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner Siri & Alexa Voice Control Camera Video Chat Schedule Cleaning Auto-Charge 5 Cleaning Modes

SIRI AND AMAZON ALEXA: use Amazon Echo or Apple Siri to remotely control the robot with your voice, or use the Huiba/Yomey App (available for iOS and Android) to control it with your Smartphone, schedule cleaning while you are away and more

5-CLEANING MODES: sweeping and mopping cleaning methods; select your preferred mode to thoroughly clean every spot of your home; there are special modes for deep cleaning stains or particles as well as pet hair and debris

VIDEO CHAT: a built-in camera, speakers and microphone allows you to connect your smartphone 24/7 with your home and talk or check on your family/pets; it uses P2P technology to transmit the image without any cloud involved for extra privacy

ANTI COLLISION SENSORS: frontal sensors will detect the ground, preventing the bot from falling down the stairs, as well as will detect walls to avoid bumping into them; when it identifies these risks, the C3 will redirect its way to clean elsewhere

LOW PROFILE DESIGN: this robot measures 340 mm x 95 mm, thanks to its low profile it can clean underneath the furniture, bed, sofas and any other areas that are hard to reach; with its 15 degrees slope angle, it can climb over your rugs and carpets

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