Go Go Gadget Lipstick Gun! – India”s latest weapon to fight sexual harassment

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A hopeful creator from the northern Indian city of Varanasi has developed security devices for women utilizing lipsticks, bag as well as shoes to combat versus unwanted sexual advances.

Footage shot on Tuesday, reveals innovator Shyam Chaurasia giving a demonstration of the items, which were established for safeguarding women against sex-related harassment. The items include a bag, sandals and also lipstick fitted with an inbuilt gun.

Chatting concerning the lipstick-gun, Chaurasia said, “The lipstick gun is specifically for women‘s security, not only for Indian females, however any place ladies are facing harassment and rape. After seeing the criminal offense against ladies, I intended to create some items for the safety of ladies and also created this prototype gadget.”.

Describing exactly how the product functions, the inventor mentioned, “In instance the female remains in difficulty or anyone tries anything and she is not bring a cellphone, she can push a switch on the lipstick weapon which is linked to Bluetooth as well as it will instantly phone to the 112 emergency situation number and also share her location with the emergency service, so the cops can get here to aid her. Prior to the cops get here, the lipstick will certainly additionally terminate a bullet and also notify the public, who can come to aid her.”.

Chaurasia is presently working on obtaining a patent for his gizmos.

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